"I couldn't tell you if I loved you or not. Because I wouldn't know the feeling. I've never felt love once in my life, I thought I did. But it was all fake...I will give you a shot...don't make me regret it." - Rosetta 'Kitten' Heart say's to Lyon Vastia when he confesses to her

Rosetta 'Kitten' Heart is a mage, but doesn't belong to a guild. Nobody knows that she is a mage, but she does hang out with the mages of Fairy Tail.

Appearance Edit

Rosetta 'Kitten' Heart

Her hair is light pink, eyes are dark blue and skin is a fair white (Like Snow White)

== Personality == She can be stubborn at times, but due to her past she tends to keep to herself. She keeps her magic hidden, out of fear for what others may think. She can be quit curious.

Magic & Abilities Edit

Greek-God Soul Magic

History Edit

She doesn't really like her parents, that's why she ran away at a young age. They hated the fact that she could use magic, they hated magic users. She had met a nice old lady in the mountains and the old lady helped her with her music.

Other Information Edit

Likes: Books, Music, Training

Dislikes: Spiders

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