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"Live your life, don't live in fear, don't be afraid of the Marines, or Pirates, they're not as cold hearted as you think, it'll just take a while to break their shell"-Nico Jack

Nico Jack is a Marine, he works under Monkey D. Garp. Before he meet Garp, he was a thief. He would steal from Pirates, Marines, and Travelers. He wouldn't care who you were, as long as you had Money, or anything that he liked. He had has a bounty of [1]100,000.

Apperance Edit

Nico Jack is a tall, tanned, muscular young man. Jack usually wears a mask, to hid the fact that he used to be a thief, a Black Jumpsuit with black running shoes.

When he was 5, he had black hair and light blue eyes. He would always wear shorts, a tank-top, and running shoes. His hair was short and was spiky.

He might not look scary, but he will soon, if you make him mad enough.

Personality Edit

Nico Jack is over-protective of his older sister, he's got a lot of Energy and Bravery. He is kind and kindness is his strength, he is popular with the girls. Jack knows he's tough, and he makes sure they know it. He's a smart boy, so you can't trick him, to looking away when your in his sights. He'll know when there is Danger coming, and if your lying or not.

History Edit

When Jack was little, his family got split up. It was just him and his older sister Robin. He protected her from every thing, and every body. They split up 2 years after they left their home. He taught himself how to defend against people.

When he was 10, he stole a Devil Fruit, he wasn't stupid enough to eat it, but he did. Because he wanted to make himself stronger. He had eaten the Kōrudo Kōrudo Jueru no Mi Fruit.

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