"I don't need to be protected, I can take care of myself. I don't need to be watched all the time. I'm not some little kid anymore, I'm not helpless, or I wouldn't be here If I was!!"  Kat Shizuma

Kat is a mage of Fairy Tail. She is considered a semi-powerful mage. Her magic is powerful, if the userknows how to use it. Kat is a Peace Dragon Slayer. She was taught by Akamine, the Peace Dragon.

Apperance Edit


Kat has light blue eyes with calf-length hair, she normally likes to keep it down but if she needs to or gets in a serious fight she will put it up in a high pony tail. She has large breasts and a curvy body, and a normal sized bust. She is a skinny, and weak young girl. Average height, slightly tan skin tone.

She doesn't wear the same thing every day, but tends to keep the same fashion sense. In wearing boots that go to mid calf, short-shorts, a crop top and a arm band on her right arm. Her Guild mark in black and located on her left arm.

Personality Edit

Kat, is brave and is barely afraid of anything. She does have her fears, but she will do her best to stand up to them. She has confidence and isn't afraid to show of her curves. Along with that, she doesn't like to talk to people and is quite quiet. She is loyal and protective of her guild mates, even if she doesn't know them. She will make sure you do pay for what you've done to them. She has trust issues, and has locked up her heart. 

Later on, she will start to open up to others. 

History Edit

When Kat was only a year old, her family was attacked by a Dark Guild, her mother had escaped with her in her arms. Miyako, had gotten away safely with her, but her Father wasn't as Lucky...

They had moved to another town, it's been 3 years since that had happened, and the Dark Guild had found them again. Miyako had ran through the forest, carrying her little girl. She had gotten hit in her side, and was bleeding badly. The Mother had a lovely voice, and followed it. She ran into the cave, trees and bushes grew where the enterance was, she went deeper and deeper into the cave, finding a beautiful dragon. Her name was Akamine. Miyako asked Akamine, to watch over her, and she had agreed. Miyako, left quickly. Akamine, had soothed the child to sleep.

Magic and Abilities Edit

Peace Dragon Slayer Magic: Kat isn't very good at her Dragon Slayer Magic. But like all Dragon Slayers, she can eat her element, and can defend against it. Since she isn't very strong, it can still hurt her. Every time she uses her element, she loses her energy. She can gain it all back quickly, if she eats her element. She can eat other Dragon Slayers magic, but she can't eat her own, it would be like a Celestial Spirit Mage eating her Spirit. She doesn't use her magic a lot but when she does, it's not that strong.

Kat doesn't just use her magic to protect herself, or her friends. She can use her different types of weapons. Kat can also do some hand to hand combat.

Equiptment Edit

She uses her Sword, Bow & Arrow, and her whip. If she faces and opponent that she knows she can't defeat with her magic.

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