"Never be afraid my child, don't let others make you feel weak. Be Brave, and Strong, fight to live, not just for yourself, but Live for others. Fight for your friends lives. Know this...I will always be watching you, even thou you won't see me, I'll always be with you" -Akamine

Akamine was a Dragon known as the Peace Dragon, she was the Foster Mother of Kat Shizuma. 

Appearance Edit

Akamine is a Gigantic Dragon, her body is covered in Purple scales. She has sharp scales, poking out going down her neck, and along her head. She has bat-like wings. Akamine also has sharp teeth, that could cut through a mountain. She has sharp claws, so she will be able to climb, up to her nest if she has injured her wing, or doesn't want to risk being seen.

Personality Edit

Akamine is a nice and gentle Dragon, but she will hurt you, or even worse Kill you if you dare, hurt her little 'baby'. She is very over-protective over Kat, she has always dis-liked humans, because most of them are Heartless, they kill a little child's family, in front of her eyes. Akamine, can be mean, and scary when she wants to be, you could hardly tell that she's a danger, by her voice. It is nice and angle like. Akamine, tends to stay away from other Dragon's, because they're all mean and ruthless. She dis-likes her kind as much, maybe less, as she dis-likes humans.

History Edit

Akamine, also known as the Lovely Dragon, has always kept an eye on the humans, and a look out for Acnologia. Once she has found him, she flew far, far away from him. Looking for other Dragon's to help her fight him, but they all have already fallen to him. Akamine, had scolded them, every single of them, for being so foolish as to fight him alone. She wasn't stupid enough to fight him alone, she had decided to try to...sooth him, talk to him. Unlike the other idiotic dragons. Akamine and Acnologia were both the most powerful Dragon's but he was stronger than her. Akamine, had tried to talking him, but he wouldn't listen, so both of them battled.

The battle went on for 3 months, until Akamine almost died. Acnologia had decided to spare her, he gave her some of his power, he had given her some Shadow magic. She hissed at him, for doing such a thing. Before she could do anything else, he flew away. So did she soon after, created a cave inside of a mountain and made her nest there.

A few months later, she had heard a Mother with a child running in the woods near by, and not far away from them, she heard a Dark Guild chasing them. So Akamine, crawled out of her cave, and guided the Mother and Child to her cave, once the mother and child had entered the cave, she made trees and bushes grow in front of the enterance. The Mother has been hit in the side, Akamine had promised to take care of the child.

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